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Mobile Apps

Welcome To AMJ Technologies

At AMJ we offer products and services to a varied customers from corporate businesses, entrepreneurs, CAD, environment, sustainability, manufacturing, venture capitals and parking industry. We leverage our long and wide experience in the IT industry to provide highly cost effective solutions to businesses, government, software development houses and Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) vendors.

We are the IT company and our goal is to create work that is honest , solutions that are exploratory educational, creative and inspirational. We have been designing websites professionally from many years and we work with a passion for remarkable designs. We are the IT firm having satisfied clients worldwide.

We believe being low cost is a quality too! We define 'Smart' as best solutions obtained at lowest cost and in shortest possible time. We proactively work to reduce your costs, from development to licensing to hardware, to the extent you would like us to.We bring you the advantage of expertise, highly competitive prices and shortest possible delivery time.

You have the idea and we’ll create the software to make it come real or a website that will make you unique and your adventure will be ready for departure. If you’ve decided to create a business, we’ll advise you, we’ll follow you step by step and we’ll give a technological logic to your ideas. Our SEO team has extensive experience in SEO field that provide express and guaranteed SEO services to boost up the ranking of your sites, improve traffic and visibility of your sites at very low cost. We contribute to the development of your business.

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At AMJ we provide outstanding and professional web designing service. We can help you better if you are looking for creative and responsive website for your business.


As we are the emerging leader in market, we will provide you simple to manage websites with latest technology and at a highly affordable price.

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At AMJ we assure you by providing secure and sustainable mobile development software with a mix of latest technology like C, C++, 2D, 3D and GUI.

Contact us for app support, wallet setup, payment money wallet, ecommerce mobile app, Mobile games, We provide decicated help & support for all app, grocery shop,Lets work together! Contact us to get started. +1-833-394-3936


AMJ provides you the opportunity to increase the ranking and traffic of your e-commerce website, guide you with effective marketing ways and hence grow up your business.

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At AMJ we are always up to date to provide latest technology to our clients. We deliver solutions with high level of consistency in quality and performance.

Lets work together! Contact us to get started. +1-844-230-3813


At AMJ we can help you to develop your business by connecting with us. As the ranking, traffic boosting, visibility of your website and promoting your products.

Lets work together! Contact us to get started. +1-833-220-3080

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Lets work together! Contact us to get started. +1-844-230-3813

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Thanks a lot for your quick help. I was really impressed, your service is excellent! Your competence is justified!


I just don't know how to describe your services... They are extraordinary! I am quite happy with them! Just keep up going this way!